Albio Sires

Albio Sires

US Representative District 8

Why We Support Him

As a member of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, Sires has a significant say in the creation and authorization of federal infrastructure and transit projects. He strongly believes that improving our state's and our nation's infrastructure is a good investment and has advocated for improving and rebuilding our crumbling roadways, bridges and railways and improving our energy and water infrastructure -- all projects that put LIUNA members to work.

Sires is also a Cuban immigrant -- he fled the island's communist rule as a child in 1962 -- so he has a personal understanding of the challenges facing immigrants in 2018. He is a defender of DACA and supports a pathway to citizenship for undocumented individuals who came to the country as children, issues that LIUNA, as a union founded by immigrants and strengthened by our diversity, supports.

Our choice is clear, and we choose Albio Sires.