Bryan Townsend

Bryan Townsend

State Senate District 11

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Why We Support Him

Townsend grew up in a union household -- his dad was a police officer and his mom was a teacher -- so he understands the pathways that good-paying union jobs open into the middle class. He is committed to enacting policies that will strengthen the state's middle class.

Townsend supports raising the state's minimum wage to $15 an hour, ending the gender pay gap in the state so that equal work truly means equal pay, and creating a paid paternity leave program in the state for new parents. He is a vocal advocate for long-term investments in the state's highway, water, and wastewater infrastructure. And he sponsored the legislation that amended the Coastal Zone Act, which allows for the redevelopment of 14 industrial sites along the coast. All of these policies will help create good-paying job opportunities for our membership.

Our choice is clear, and we choose Bryan Townsend.