LIUNA GP O'Sullivan: We Need to Elect People Who Will be Champions of the Working Class

A video message from LIUNA General President Terry O'Sullivan on what's at stake in the midterm elections and why it's critical LIUNA members vote.


"Brothers and Sisters, the 2018 midterm elections are nearly upon us.

"In a few weeks, we will decide who controls Congress, state houses, legislatures and local governments across our great country. This election isn't about political parties and personalities. It's about jobs. The people you elect will have the power to protect or destroy our jobs, our benefits and our middle-class livelihoods.

"Brothers and Sisters, when somebody asks for your vote, ask them, 'Who's side are you on? The side of working people and our union? Or the side of those who want to take away everything that those warriors who came before us fought for, went out on strike for, and even died for?'

"We need to elect people who will be champions of the working class and defeat those who want to hold us back. We've all seen the attacks on our jobs, on our wages and our benefits. The foes of working people want to pass so-called 'right-to-work' laws that will take money out of our pockets and make it harder to provide for our families. They support laws and regulations that destroy the lives of public and federal sector workers, such as the recent Supreme Court Janus decision. They want to eliminate prevailing wage laws, in order to gut your pay. They want to turn good union jobs that build careers into bullshit, low-paying jobs that lead nowhere. Their goal is clear: it's to bust our union, put us under their thumbs and put us on our knees.

"Brothers and Sisters, it's time for us as Americans to rise up -- rise up and use our power to stop them.

"We must band together, fight our enemies, and support our friends. We have the power to block anti-worker, anti-union forces before they can do more harm. But each and every one of us must do our part.

"Ask your local union or district council how you can join the working-class army that will carry our friends to victory in November. Give a weekend, an evening, any time you can to defend your way of life.

"And VOTE.

"Vote early, if your state allows it. Vote on Election Day if it doesn't. And bring your family, your friends and your union brothers and sisters with you to the polls. As we get ready for battle in these midterm elections, let us stand together; let us stay together; let us fight together; and let us vote together.

"Brothers and Sisters, may you always feel the power. May you always use the power. And may you always be the power."