A Labor Day Message from LIUNA-endorsed NJ Congressional Candidate Mikie Sherrill

Brothers and Sisters: Mikie Sherrill - LIUNA's endorsed candidate in New Jersey's 11th Congressional District - sent us this video wishing all of us a happy Labor Day.

"Hi everyone, this is Mikie Sherrill. I’m running for Congress in the 11thDistrict of New Jersey, talking to you today to wish you a happy Labor Day.

"As many of you know, my grandfather was a proud union member. And, because of his great union job, he was able to raise his eight kids, he paid off his house, he had good medical benefits, and he had a good pension. And so, I know firsthand from my family the importance of good benefits, good health care, and how we can support our working men and women.

"I know that unions built the middle class. And it would be my honor, as a member of Congress, to support our working men and women throughout the state.  So, thank you so much, and have a great Labor Day!"